Your website; beauty or beast?

October 30th, 2015 Posted by Uncategorized 4 comments on “Your website; beauty or beast?”


Typically, your website is the cornerstone of all marketing messages.

When looking at the best of the best websites, it is hard to imagine a small business being able to compete. However, the reality is that “the bests” probably looked similar to your current site at one time. They have evolved over time and continue doing so today.

The leading enterprises make improvements (in varying degrees) continually, as they carry on – measuring, testing, refining and optimizing at every turn. If you look at where you are and think you cannot afford to get where you need to be, rethink your strategy. Evaluate how well your site does against these major benchmarks then attack them one at a time while continually improving on the customer experience. Your website should:

  • Help you acquire and retain customers.
  • Provide relevant and valuable educational material.
  • Convert traffic to sales.
  • Increase your social visibility.
  • Provide existing customers with support.

Evaluate your current website with these 5 goals in mind; you will find places you can improve immediately and eventually get your site to where it needs to be. And if you need help with your website, we can help!

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4 comments on “Your website; beauty or beast?”

Kaydence says:

Whoever wrote this, you know how to make a good arielct.

http://www./ says:

Gina Bennett / For millenia CHristians have been shoving intolerance and hate down society's throat. One incident happens that goes against their beliefs and they run crying religious discrimination? Bahaha! Don't make me laugh.

Full of salient points. Don’t stop believing or writing!

http://www./ says:

Yeah, that’s the ticket, sir or ma’am

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