Your marketing efforts break my heart…

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Creating the perfect direct mail piece that generates a large response and hits the audience at just the right time is a marketer’s dream.

One key to generating interest in your direct mail piece is to appeal to emotion.

Swedish direct marketing entrepreneur Axel Andersson and Seattle direct marketer Bob Hacker identified seven key copy drivers that persuade people to buy a product or service, or to join a cause. They are: guilt, flattery, anger, exclusivity, fear, greed and salvation. Tap into one of these emotions and use some of the 12 most powerful, most evocative words in the English language. Oh, you would like to know what the 12 most evocative words are?

You, save, money, easy, guarantee, health, results, new, love, discover, proven and safety

Use these words and emotions in your copy and you will increase the response rate of your marketing efforts. When using emotion in marketing, be sure to match the emotion with the purchase. Attempting to create too strong of an emotion can come off as unbelievable and inauthentic.

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