What’s trending with millennials these days?

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If you haven’t noticed, the Millennial generation is now the largest population group, with equally large buying power.
You may be wondering what kind of marketing tactics get the best results with them. Look to product demos, case studies, and customer reviews as the biggest influencers on their purchasing decisions.
• Product Demos: You must “show” how your product works, how it works better than your competition, and how it is the must-have solution to the problem. This group is a “believe it when I see it” bunch, and product demos, whether on paper or on video, will make all the difference. Vibrant photos of your product or service in action will catch the Millennial’s attention.
• Case Studies: Focus on real customers that have received real benefits from doing business with you. When you can, include the customer’s name or business. Case studies capture the imagination and help people relate to the possible solutions you have to offer them. They want to know how you have helped others just like them.
• Customer Reviews: This is big. Millennials will believe what their friends say and what other independent parties say about your product. The important thing to remember about reviews is that this digital generation is savvy to fake reviews—so do what you can to get your best customers to give real write-ups on Amazon, Google+, or shared on Facebook. It has to be the real deal.
All traditional means of marketing work with the Millennial generation, but focusing on this kind of content will yield increased results. The delivery is not the focal point. Yes, they are on their smartphones all the time, but don’t think that they are swayed only by digital means. Print, especially direct mail, works very well, but focus your content on “showing” your product through actual case studies and getting your customers to support your greatness. Take these steps and, if you’re lucky, you’ll soon be “trending” in Millennial social-media feeds.
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