What’s the best way to acquire desperately needed customers?

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Rapid and continued customer acquisition is one of the biggest challenges business owners and managers face.

Using a combination of traditional and new digital strategies may be the best way to find new clients.  Here are some tried and true suggestions for increasing your customer acquisition…

  • Ask for referrals. It may sound old-fashioned, but referrals from satisfied customers can be an effective customer acquisition strategy. Consider creating a system for gathering referrals from customers after the sale, and making asking for referrals a part of your sales team’s process. Ask me about a great program that “automatically” brings you referrals.
  • Use content marketing. The way B2B buyers search for products and services has changed. Today’s buyers may do a great deal of research online before ever reaching out to prospective vendors. Customer acquisition may include doing some inbound marketing—that is, drawing prospects in by providing content that answers their questions and solves their problems. We can help you with quality content marketing.
  • Maximize your website.  Your website can be a vital element in the customer acquisition process. Use appropriate call to action buttons/links and update your keywords regularly to help keep pace with customers’ interests and searches as well as industry trends. Websites are just one of our key specialties. Email me at kevin@waxfamilyprinting.com.
  • Partner up. Working with a complementary business can be a great customer acquisition strategy. The partnership may enable both of you to expand your network of prospects. Consider hosting a webinar or creating an e-book that could be distributed to your partner’s network.

Attracting new clients is an absolute necessity to keep your business alive and thriving. If you’re struggling to keep your pipeline full, talk to us about updating your website or creating a print campaign to draw in new customers. 615-893-4290

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