Ask these questions before revamping your website

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We’ve been in the website business for a few years now.

We’ve worked with all kinds of companies from startups just launching their brand to established businesses who want to take their sales and service to the next level using their website. Regardless of what the company does, the goal of the website seems to always center on increasing sales and customer service or support. Essentially, the website needs to function as the sales and support staff when its human counterpart is off duty.

It is a tall order, but if a site is designed correctly with the necessary content, it can be done. We’ve come up with a list of questions to help you identify what should be on your site in order to accomplish your goals. Before you embark on a website revamp, sit down and answer these questions as completely as you can. Too often we see websites put up with high hopes of conversions and sales, but they lack the necessary content and flow needed to live up to the expectations.

Answering these questions will give you a head start on knowing what your site needs in order to be successful.

1. Describe your customer in as much detail as you can.

2. Are you looking to widen your customer base? What would your new customer look like?

3. Why does your audience choose you over your competition (try to avoid platitudes here, be specific)? What value do you provide?

4. What is the goal or action for your audience (fill out contact form, complete online sale, sign up for e-news, etc.)?

5. What search terms would people use to find your company online?

6. What geographic location do your customers reside in?

7. What elements about your current creative work?

8. What customer service concerns come up on a regular basis with your products/services?

9. What “offer” can give to new customers to make them want to contact you (or like/follow/friend you)?

10. Website content needs to be updated regularly, what topics could you write about on a weekly or bi-monthly basis?

Just answering these 10 questions will make sure your new website is poised to hit the ground running rather than waiting for people to happen upon it.

Taking a proactive approach to creating your new website (or any marketing material) will help your customers find the information that they need and ultimately select you as their vendor.

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