The Difficulty of Making the “Double Sale”

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Sales can be tough (News Flash!). For me, sales is/was a lot like swimming.

I’m not a natural swimmer, and I certainly am not a natural salesman. When I was ready to swim across the deep end for the first time, I had to brace myself, think my way thru it and then just do it. Pretty much the same for sales; brace myself, think thru it, just do it.

I’ve also noticed that it’s more than doubly hard to make the “double sale.” What’s a “double sale?” Any sale that requires the selling of a concept and then the sale of a product is a double sale.

Here’s a real world example. When I started a local interest magazine, I knew that advertising sales was going to be the break or make aspect of the project. So, I started selling advertising anywhere and everywhere I could. One thing I learned fast…if I had to convince someone of the importance of purchasing advertising, and then sell them on advertising in my publication, my chances of actually making a sale would plummet. That’s a double sale.

Sure, I could convince someone to advertise, but then a whole new world of advertising would open up to potential client, and my publication was just one of their new options. In these situations, I might be able to convince my prospects they needed to advertise (Sale 1), but then I still had to sell them on buying from me (Sale 2). Pretty tough to make two sales to one person, especially if that person had not been convinced to invest in advertising prior to our conversations.


This chart demonstrates the difficulty of the double sale. Suppose you want to increase sales. Here are your three options.

  1. You can sell more to your existing customers.
  2. You can sell to prospects (add new customers).
  3. You can sell new products.

When you try to sell a new product to a new customer, that’s a double sale. You’re actually combining number 2 and number 3 from the list above. And a double sale like this is going to be much tougher than a normal singular sale.

In these scenarios, it will be much easier to sell a new product to an existing customer, because that’s just one sale. Existing customers are already sold on you; they’ve bought from you before. If you’re selling a new product to a prospect, that’s a double sale because you have to convince them that you’re trustworthy (Sale 1), and they need your product (Sale 2).

Even if you can make the double sale, you will have to spend more time to make those sales. I’m not saying you should pull the plug when you realize you’re in a double sale situation, but I am saying that you should be aware; this is not gonna be easy, and this is gonna take some time.

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