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What’s your marketing strategy?

December 4th, 2015 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “What’s your marketing strategy?”

Consider a “little” bit of branding.

Getting your brand out there with signage, business cards, letterhead, a website, brochures, etc., is foundational to your marketing strategy. Branding doesn’t always have to involve big items. Small daily interactions can help reinforce your brand and positioning. Here are 4 places you can do a “little” bit of branding:

Packaging and/or Packing Slips – and are two large companies who are doing it right, when it comes to packaging. Branded boxes and tape bring instant consumer awareness to what has been delivered. If you regularly ship a product, consider branding your boxes.

Email Signatures – With every email you send, you can bring your brand to life with a small twist to your signature. Not only can you add your logo, but also your title and links to your social media profiles as well. Make it easy for people to interact with you. Here’s my signature; I get positive comments on it quite a bit. 

Wi-Fi Name and Password – If you regularly have customers use your Wi-Fi, why not have a little fun with it? Name your network something fun and relevant to your business and have the password be the feeling you hope they get from your business. A restaurant password could be “yummy,” for example.

Bills and Receipts – No one likes to get bills, so why not include a little humor or inspiration next to the logo on your bill/invoice? Both paper and email receipts offer a tiny moment that may be remembered long after a product’s been paid for.
Think about the potential, everyday moments that could be tweaked to surprise and entertain your customers. Work hard at creating a stronger brand connection. You don’t always need to spend big. Instead, spend smart by finding small branding moments that matter. We can help you with a “little” branding. Contact me at

Humor can really tickle their funny bone

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If you’re rethinking your marketing and communication strategy for next year, consider adding some humor (and I’m not joking about this ????).

Funny and witty messaging shows your personality, and increases the likelihood that someone will relate with your company. Even with a serious topic (like taxes), humor can lighten tone just enough to make the message one that people will interact with and share frequently.

Humor isn’t about making your readers laugh out loud. It’s about connecting with your audience and their wanting to connect back. I tried desperately to come up with a pun about using humor and jokes and yolks, but for me, my humor has to be eggscellent. Did that crack you up? Eggsactly.

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“Secret” SACRED social media marketing tips

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Want to know how to improve your ROI (Return On Investment)?

Social media has the ability to drive a large, interested crowd of people to your business if done correctly. Use these SACRED tips to create a social media plan with real ROI.

Strategy – Your content and posts should have specific goals. Create your strategy for your content first, then begin writing with your goal in mind.

Authentic – Create content that uses your voice (or your company’s). Avoid the bait and switch; be authentically you in all your communications.

Content – Create content relevant to your clients. Start by answering some of the questions you get frequently from your clients.

Routine – Set a schedule. If you know you want to post to your blog once per day, make it a habit to do that first, then schedule the rest of your day. Eat the frog. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, ask me at

Etiquette – Different platforms require different content. You may post something to Twitter that you wouldn’t on LinkedIn. Consider the audience when posting.

Dialogue – Your content should engage your audience. When they do engage, make sure to respond back in a timely manner. Start the conversation, then listen to what your audience has to say.
Use these SACRED guidelines in all parts of your marketing. Engaging in an appropriate tone with relevant content will help you become and remain a trusted partner to your clients.

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Is Re-Marketing as Bad as Re-Gifting?

May 8th, 2015 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “Is Re-Marketing as Bad as Re-Gifting?”

Big present

Uh…no. Re-marketing is pretty cool. Re-marketing lets you show online ads to people who have visited your website or used your mobile app before. For example, you go online to look for a product—a pair of shoes, a new dishwasher, a car. The site you’re on (whether it’s Google or another search engine) puts a little line of code called a cookie on your computer, smartphone or tablet. When you visit another site, there are blank ad spaces just waiting to pick up that little line of code and show you an ad for the very same product you were searching for.

Re-marketing is one of the most cost-effective tools in the online sales arena, and for some products, it’s effective at converting shoppers to buyers. Re-marketing works because it creates multiple impressions. We’ve long known that the more impressions we have of a product, the more likely we are to recognize and buy that product.

If used too frequently or too long however, re-marketing may alienate some customers as it can be seen as an aggressive and pushy sales tactic.

If you’re looking for a short-term bump in sales for a seasonal product or a limited time offer, then re-marketing could be ideal. Try starting a campaign on a regional basis or for a single product to see if re-marketing is ideal for your product or service.

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