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That’s So Generic!

May 15th, 2015 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “That’s So Generic!”


Far too often, I see transactional or marketing and sales emails coming from an address that looks like “”

A do-not-reply email address gives the impression you’re not open to hearing from your customers. While you insist that they remain open to hearing from you (you are emailing them after all), you’re not keeping the channel of communication open so they can write back.

Sure, they could check your website for contact information or customer support, or reply through one of the social links you’ve included, but responding through social channels or contacting customer support doesn’t have the immediacy email communication does. It also requires extra steps on the customer’s part. Without explicitly saying so, you’re making it harder for your customers to contact you than it is for you to contact them. 

Your goal should be to create a two-way dialog between you and your customers. So open up your email channel to replies. Yes, it means that email address will also have to handle processing all the bounces and “out of office” auto replies, but taking 15 minutes to clean out an email inbox is worth it for the confidence it inspires in your customers. 

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