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What to do with a bad review?

September 18th, 2015 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “What to do with a bad review?”

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If you have been in business for any length of time, it is likely that you have had some customer transactions that were less than perfect. A bad review across online channels today can potentially cause a lot of harm. The natural reaction is to fight back, but that will only make a bad situation worse.

So, when you get a bad review…Here are four “NOTS”.

  • Do not ignore the review.
  • Do not deny that the issue existed. It may have seemed like nothing to you, but because your customer posted it, it was a big deal to them.
  • Don’t argue with the customer, or try to prove you are right and they are wrong.
  • Don’t pay to have “a cleaner” remove the bad review or write phony reviews to counter the bad one

And here are three things you should DO…

  • Do respond. Consider how you would want someone to respond to you when things do not go as planned. Do it tactfully. Take the high road. Be a professional. Acknowledge the issue and encourage the poster to re-engage to resolve the issue. The Golden Rule always wins.
  • Do apologize. Sometimes an apology is all the poster wants. Acknowledge you understand how they feel. And do what you can to make it right. Provide direct lines of communication and personalized attention to show you care and to get the conversation off line and not in the public eye.
  •  If you are able to satisfy the customer, ask them if they would mind posting a follow-up review indicating how the issue was resolved and their level of satisfaction.

Unhappy customers are an inevitable reality for every business. And although unpleasant, these issues can become a game changer for your company. They may reveal blind spots in service or where improvements can be made—a true silver lining take away after a stormy experience.

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