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Creating customer profiles by answering these 7 key questions

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“In order to know why John Smith buys what John Smith buys, you have to see the world through John Smith’s eyes.” If you’re looking to understand your customer’s wants and needs so you can continually provide them personalized service and create customer loyalty, try answering these 7 questions about your ideal customer(s):

·       Who are they (age, gender, location, income level)?

·       What products and services do they need?

·       Who else provides those products and services (your competition)?

·       How can you set your products and services apart in a positive way customers will notice?

·       How close are your target customers to buying what they want from your company?

·       What will it take to get them to make that purchase?

·       What will it take to retain their business?

Customers and prospects expect a high level of personalization. From marketing emails to sales pitches, communication must be tailored for the given prospect and their place within the sales funnel. Answering these 7 questions will help you create content and materials that will speak directly to your ideal customer.

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Common email errors; making stupid mistakes can hurt you

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A typo in an email to a friend can make them and us chuckle, but for businesses, the same typo can damage your credibility. Some email errors can even make subscribers feel devalued by brands, potentially leading to social shaming and decreased loyalty, or loss of business completely. Here are some of the most common email errors:

1. Content errors:  These are simple typos that can occur in the body of the email or the subject line. Those in the body may go unnoticed, but typos in subject lines are likely to cost businesses at least a few email opens. They will also cause your more grammatically correct clients to roll their eyes!

2. Dated information: This refers to promotions for sales that have already ended or events that have already happened. Subscribers will be stumped by the call-to-action and aggravated that they wasted time reading the email. This mistake results in an instant loss of credibility.

3. Irrelevant offers: Even if offers are valid, they are still likely to confuse contacts if they are irrelevant to them. Take, for instance, notifications about events coming up in the local Dallas store sent to customers in Chicago.

4. Broken links: These mistakes are pretty straightforward; links can either take contacts to the wrong page, or take them to no page at all. This issue can cost brands serious bucks if the contacts clicking on those bad links were originally intending on making a purchase.

5. Invalid personalization: Including a person’s name in the email greeting can impress contacts, but when emails show up saying “Dear First Name,” or “Dear […],” the intended effect is reversed.

The easiest way to avoid sending an email with the above issues is to test, test, test! Send test emails internally before sending out a campaign; others may likely spot typos that the creator overlooked.

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Can in-store signage maximize newsletter subscriptions?

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Continuing with the theme of increasing your marketing reach by combining digital and print advertising, in this blogpost, we’ll look at how you can use your in store promotional space to encourage newsletter subscriptions.

Whether you run a restaurant, a school, a retail shop or a business to business service based company, chances are good that you’ll have a client visiting you at some point.  Use in store promotional posters, table tents, hang tags, window clings or other signage to encourage customers to visit your website and sign up for your email newsletter.

Include a QR code that links to a mobile optimized page on your site with a short subscription form for a great customer experience. Entice customers to subscribe with an instant money saving coupon that can be emailed directly to them and shown to staff as proof of subscription.

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Low-tech ways to increase your social media interactions

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Recent research from Forrester finds that posts from top brands on Facebook and Twitter reach just 2% of their followers.

Of the 2% that see the post or tweet, a mere 0.07 percent of followers interact with the posts.  The low reach and engagement has gotten even worse since Facebook drastically cut the organic reach of a post in an effort to encourage boosted (paid) posts. With so few people seeing and engaging with posts, it is hard to truly have a social relationship with your customers.

While having and updating a Facebook page and twitter account is still an important component in an overall marketing strategy, it shouldn’t be the center of your marketing strategy. So what should you be doing to help build a social relationship with your customers? Try the tips below:

  • Email marketing – The average open rate for an email campaign is between 17 and 30 percent based on your industry and relationship with the customer. If you have to decide between gathering an email address and gaining a fan on Facebook or Twitter, get an email address. The chances of their viewing and engaging with an email is much higher than the view and engagement stats on any social media platform.
  • Blogging – Blogging allows you to create a branded community full of information, anecdotes, case studies and will help showcase your corporate personality/culture. Not only will an active, relevant blog drive traffic to your website, it will also create a space for your more outspoken fans to share with others what they like about your company. Encourage interaction with each post by posing questions and encouraging users to make comments.
  • Bring your Social Updates to your Site – Just because your latest Facebook post wasn’t seen on Facebook, doesn’t mean it can’t be seen on your website, blog or email updates. Add a “weekly” update section to your website where you round up all your social posts into one page. This could showcase your latest Instagram image, your tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos and blog posts all on one page. If the users won’t see the posts in their original form, they can at least review them on your site.
These tips are all fairly low technical ways of increasing your social interactions with current and potential customers, however, if you need help with any of the above, let us know. We’d be happy to help create a social strategy that maximizes your brand awareness.
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Creating the right magical mix; Digital AND Print

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Finding the right marketing mix is less about your business and more about your customers. Thinking about who they are, how they purchase and what influences them will help you determine how to reach customers with a good mix of print and digital advertising.

In the last two blogposts, we looked at using postcards to encourage website visits and using in store signage to promote newsletter signups. Today, we want to look at using print to engage your social media fans.

The digital world is cluttered. Very cluttered. Every 60 seconds 700,000 Google searches are performed, 60 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube and 168 million emails are sent. Making sure your fan base sees your posts can be a challenge unless you find other ways to promote your social media accounts.

Help people find your social media accounts by including your most used and valuable information on all of your marketing collateral. From business cards to brochures, make sure the addresses to your social media accounts are printed clearly for all to see. You may even want to include a blurb about why someone might want to go follow or friend you on a certain account.

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HTTP or HTTPS; Does it really matter to people in the real world?

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Still thinking about adding an SSL Certificate to your website so you can go from http to https?

SEMrush has published data on websites’ use of the HTTPS protocol; does an HTTPS get you better rankings in Google?

SEMrush analyzed the top 100,000 domains in its U.S. database and found that over the past three years, HTTPS usage has tripled among these websites. From 2014 to 2017, the percentage of domains in this group using HTTPS increased from 7.6 percent to 31.5 percent.

The SEMrush team also analyzed the correlation between search engine results page positions and HTTPS usage. They sampled 100,000 random keywords using SEMrush data and discovered that nearly 45 percent of results in the first position and nearly 50 percent of results in the second position used HTTPS.

If your website is not utilizing an HTTPS connection, now is the time to start. Contact us at(615) 893-4290 or for more information on SSL Certificates and HTTPS connections.


Are you using Powerful Print to Enhance your Marketing?

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The Internet has changed the way small business owners market their business.

Digital marketing (e-newsletters, search engine optimization SEO, social media and search engine marketing) can be a powerful form of advertising. For even more bang for your marketing buck, combine your digital marketing with a collaborative print marketing effort. Over the next few blogposts, our weekly marketing messages are going to focus on how you can increase your reach by combining digital and print advertising.

Tip: Postcards Rule. One of the most powerful marketing strategies today is to promote your website via direct-mail postcards. Postcards serve many purposes. Whether you want to invite people to an upcoming webinar/class or showcase a few of your bestselling products, using a postcard to direct traffic to your website is a great idea. Motivate response with an exclusive offer or personalized URL which will allow you to track your response rate, conversion rate, and ultimate return on investment.

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Is Brick and Mortar Still an Option for Millennials?

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Traditional brick and mortar stores remain highly relevant within the retail market.

In a recent survey, 87% of consumers are shopping in store as often as they did in 2014 and as many as 85% of consumers still prefer to shop in store. The study shows that this preference is primarily driven by a desire to be able to see and handle the physical products before purchasing.

Having a mobile website is an important driver of traffic to a retail location. 50% of respondents report using their mobile device to research products, more than 60% for price comparison purposes, and, perhaps most importantly, 46% to find the location of the closest relevant store.

“Millennials” – people between 18-34 years of age – can be a significant market for brick and mortar retailers. 90% of millennials report planning to shop in-store at least as often as in previous years. And 87% admit to having spent more than they intended upon entry.

All of this means that effective in-store marketing is as important as it ever was – and point-of-sale and large-format display advertising should be a major consideration for retailers.

If you need some help or ideas on how you can spruce up your in-store sales, give us a call at (615) 893-4290 or; we’d be happy to provide some attention-grabbing ideas.

You can make your value proposition memorable

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Most people think a value proposition is a statement of what you do; what makes you different or better than everyone else.

That’s hard to define in a world where it seems like there are more choices than customers.

A value proposition is a clear statement of the tangible business value that people/organizations get from using your product or service. It’s the outcome of using what you sell – not what you sell. The best value propositions include measurable business objectives that cause movement – lower costs, speed delivery, improved quality, increased efficiency, decreased churn, etc. Working real metrics into your value proposition statement makes a bigger impression and improves recall when your prospect has a need for your product or service.

Try it out on us! Does your value proposition need an update? Let us hear it. We’ll let you know where you could improve and where you are doing great! Email us at and let’s get started.

How important is a good review?

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“If you don’t ask, the answer is always No”, this saying holds true for reviews as well.

A recent survey by Bright Local revealed that 7 out of 10 customers will leave a review if asked. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and ask your customers to leave a review. Some of the key takeaways from Online Review Survey Research:

·       84% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

·       74% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more

·       73% of consumers think that reviews older than 3 months are no longer relevant

·       90% of consumers read less than 10 reviews before forming an opinion about a business

·       58% of consumers say that the star rating of a business is most important.

·       54% of people will visit the website after reading positive reviews

Yelp, Google and Facebook are all popular places for consumers to leave and read reviews about your company. When you ask for a review, be sure to send the customer a link to the profile that you want them to leave the review on.

Customer Service reviews are our lifeblood. We review our reviews every week and report every customer response to the whole team. Interested in knowing what your NPS (Net Promoter Score) is? Give us a call at (615)893-4290, or email us at and we will help you find out!