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What Exactly Does ASAP Mean?

January 1st, 2016 Posted by Uncategorized 4 comments on “What Exactly Does ASAP Mean?”

Around our print shop, the little acronym ASAP is strictly verboten.

So, why exactly is ASAP not spoken at Wax Family Printing?

Because the use of the term can lead to miscommunication. And when you’re a printing company, communication and deadlines are vital.

I often quiz my colleagues (especially the new members of our team) as to the definition of ASAP. They quite frequently reply…As Soon As Possible. And technically, they are correct. But as soon as they tell me what they think the definition of ASAP is, I respond by telling them what I think the definition of ASAP is…


ASAP means nothing. To the person hoping they can get their design/print/sign project done on time, ASAP means that we are working on their project and their project alone and that we are doing everything we can to make their deadline. But to the person actually producing your design/print/sign project, ASAP may mean as soon as they can work it into their production schedule.

Using ASAP is a classic hint/hope device. The problem is, ASAP is not specific to an exact time. And so, the two parties in the conversation may be using the exact same term with exactly different meanings; and that’s a recipe for trouble.

I have changed my mind. ASAP doesn’t mean “nothing.” It’s worse than that. ASAP means the exact opposite of what you think it means. To the client, ASAP means “I’m up next in the production rotation.” To the producer, ASAP should be re-lettered. It should be ASAICGTI (As Soon As I Can Get To It).