Sometimes a happy accident pays big dividends

March 31st, 2017 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “Sometimes a happy accident pays big dividends”
A department manager, known for micro-managing employees to the point that his department had the highest turnover rate in the company, could not understand why exiting personnel all complained about his “micromanagement” style.
One day, this manager had an accident that resulted in a broken leg and three months of rehabilitation. Because he was unable to be in the office, his team adopted the practice of quick check-ins instead of long meetings. As a result, their productivity improved. Team members were also able to prove they were capable of producing quality work, staying on task, and working well as a team. Things ran so smoothly while he was out that he began to rethink the ways he interacted with his team. He realized he could trust his employees to do the job they had been hired to do.
No matter how many times he was told to relax with his team, he just didn’t know what that meant until he saw them in action from the outside. Now he’s enjoying a happy team that is dedicated to him and to the company.
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