So my marketing budget is minuscule? What, me worry?

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What happens when times get tough?  

What’s the first place to cut? Many people opt to cut their marketing budget. Unfortunately, since marketing your business is essential, this short-sighted approach can kill your business–especially in tough times.

Try these tips to create ‘buzz’ even when you don’t have a pile of cash to spend.

  • Social Media. Devote time to setting up or improving your Social Media footprint. SocMed requires little in terms of financial investment. However, SocMed does require a time commitment when you’re providing high value content and frequent updates.
  • Public Relations. Getting PR for your business does not require paying a PR firm. Check out local journalist gatherings or contact media directly. Get to know your contacts and help them learn about your business and how you provide value to your clients. Come up with your own questions and answers to make their jobs easier too.
  • Network.Expanding your circle of professional contacts can help drum up more business. Consider bartering your services for services you need but do not have adequate skills to perform.
  • Increase your community involvement. Get involved and get your name out by renting a booth at a local event or by donating your products or services to a local charity. Not only will you meet new people but the publicity will be good for business as well!
  • Try Direct Mail. Direct mail has been producing solid returns for years. If you haven’t sent a mailed piece to your list in a while, it might be time to consider sending a campaign via mail to help support what you are doing online as well. We’re direct mail experts; we’ve been working with the USPS for 20 years this October!

And remember… testimonials and word of mouth marketing from great customer service is the best form of advertising you can get!

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