“Secret” SACRED social media marketing tips

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Want to know how to improve your ROI (Return On Investment)?

Social media has the ability to drive a large, interested crowd of people to your business if done correctly. Use these SACRED tips to create a social media plan with real ROI.

Strategy – Your content and posts should have specific goals. Create your strategy for your content first, then begin writing with your goal in mind.

Authentic – Create content that uses your voice (or your company’s). Avoid the bait and switch; be authentically you in all your communications.

Content – Create content relevant to your clients. Start by answering some of the questions you get frequently from your clients.

Routine – Set a schedule. If you know you want to post to your blog once per day, make it a habit to do that first, then schedule the rest of your day. Eat the frog. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, ask me at kevin@waxfamilyprinting.com).

Etiquette – Different platforms require different content. You may post something to Twitter that you wouldn’t on LinkedIn. Consider the audience when posting.

Dialogue – Your content should engage your audience. When they do engage, make sure to respond back in a timely manner. Start the conversation, then listen to what your audience has to say.
Use these SACRED guidelines in all parts of your marketing. Engaging in an appropriate tone with relevant content will help you become and remain a trusted partner to your clients.

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