Are you using Powerful Print to Enhance your Marketing?

June 9th, 2017 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “Are you using Powerful Print to Enhance your Marketing?”

The Internet has changed the way small business owners market their business.

Digital marketing (e-newsletters, search engine optimization SEO, social media and search engine marketing) can be a powerful form of advertising. For even more bang for your marketing buck, combine your digital marketing with a collaborative print marketing effort. Over the next few blogposts, our weekly marketing messages are going to focus on how you can increase your reach by combining digital and print advertising.

Tip: Postcards Rule. One of the most powerful marketing strategies today is to promote your website via direct-mail postcards. Postcards serve many purposes. Whether you want to invite people to an upcoming webinar/class or showcase a few of your bestselling products, using a postcard to direct traffic to your website is a great idea. Motivate response with an exclusive offer or personalized URL which will allow you to track your response rate, conversion rate, and ultimate return on investment.

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