Positivity is Contagious

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The average adult will make about 35,000 decisions every day, from unconscious to very deliberate choices. According to Marcel Schwantes with Inc. magazine, there are a few “smart” choices that successful business people make every day.

1. Make the choice to stop feeling sorry for yourself.
2. Don’t overanalyze each decision with an endless list of “what if” scenarios. Once you’ve made a decision, you have made a choice, and you must choose to be OK with it. No looking back and wishing for a different choice. Move forward always.
3. Choose to surround yourself with positive people. Whether it’s in the workplace or your social life, people around you also influence you. The more you can stay with people who are thinking on the bright side, the more you will look ahead with a positive attitude.
4. Choose to take the initiative. Initiative is both an empowering action and a forward-thinking behavior. But initiative is not barreling over other people. It must be a positive action that is best for others as well as you.
5. Choose to experience joy in every possible opportunity. Joy is contagious, and when you’re working with a team overcoming a fierce obstacle, it instills inspiration in others. This is why we admire many successful people—not because of their success, but subconsciously we see the joy of their success, and that’s what we’re attracted to. Positivity is an integral part of both success and leadership.

So choose to be positive today!

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