Is your heart focused on delivering a great customer experience?

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Customer experience is a top-five area of technology investment for chief marketing officers.

56% of these decision-makers prioritize it ahead of advertising operations. And it’s no wonder, 86% of consumers are willing to pay more for a better experience. Here are a few ways technology can help improve your customer’s experience.

  • 50% of smartphone users would prefer to use a mobile customer service application instead of calling a help line to resolve their customer service issues. Consider adding live chat to your website to help capture the users who don’t want to make a phone call or send an email.
  • Social media gives business owners the ability to share timely news, tailored offers and build a brand profile. Social media can connect you to your customers around the clock. Merchants can now open the conversation to a larger audience and poll their customers. Who doesn’t want to hear direct feedback and user-generated content? These capabilities give small businesses greater access to their customers. More importantly, this access can build stronger and more meaningful connections.
  • Arm your whole team with the ability to make a sale. Most shoppers want to find what they are looking for, buy it, and go. Getting stalled by crowds, unavailable inventory, or lack of customer assistance are classic examples of a disrupted shopping experience. If technology can streamline these issues with features like self-checkout, product locators or store associates that can check them out on a tablet, they will keep coming back and spending.


Creating a good customer experience can keep a good customer coming back. And then they will tell their friends about you.

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