Improve your B2B selling with these 4 top strategies

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When selling business to business, keep these 4 strategies in mind:

1. Focus on the problems you solve. The time you save, the results you deliver, and the difference you make are three key components that are key to your customers.

2. Time is the most important commodity for owners, managers, and employees who have more things to do in a day than time to get them done. They have little tolerance for anyone who wastes their time.

3. Expect to use a variety of mediums like voice mail, email, direct mail, and even faxes when trying to set up appointments with new prospects. Each touch should talk about how you can solve a particular problem and/or add value to the relationship. Do not talk about your product or services.

4. Make your touches personal. Do not expect a one-size-fits-all approach to open many doors. People are too busy to talk to a salesperson. They will only talk to you if they know you have their best interests in mind. If you cannot make their lives better, then the status quo is your competition. You have to show that making a change is less painful (and more beneficial) than the status quo. Think about how many times an Aflac salesperson has tried to get an appointment with you. Then think about how your approach is similar to that Aflac rep. Remember, businesses are people who are looking for relationships with other people who can make their working lives better. They are NOT looking for someone who wants/needs to sell them something.

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