HTTP or HTTPS; Does it really matter to people in the real world?

June 16th, 2017 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “HTTP or HTTPS; Does it really matter to people in the real world?”

Still thinking about adding an SSL Certificate to your website so you can go from http to https?

SEMrush has published data on websites’ use of the HTTPS protocol; does an HTTPS get you better rankings in Google?

SEMrush analyzed the top 100,000 domains in its U.S. database and found that over the past three years, HTTPS usage has tripled among these websites. From 2014 to 2017, the percentage of domains in this group using HTTPS increased from 7.6 percent to 31.5 percent.

The SEMrush team also analyzed the correlation between search engine results page positions and HTTPS usage. They sampled 100,000 random keywords using SEMrush data and discovered that nearly 45 percent of results in the first position and nearly 50 percent of results in the second position used HTTPS.

If your website is not utilizing an HTTPS connection, now is the time to start. Contact us at(615) 893-4290 or for more information on SSL Certificates and HTTPS connections.


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