How do you promote your business?

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Do you struggle with ideas to promote your business? Rest easy; you’re not alone. Going back to the basics of press releases could be your best strategy.

Press releases have a long history of providing positive exposure for your business both on and offline.  Sometimes the hardest part of writing a press release is coming up with something to write about. Here are a few ideas for you:

  • Brag about an award or certification. Have you won an award lately?  Have any of your suppliers won an award? How about members of your team earning a new certification or professional designation? Being the best in an industry or category is always newsworthy.
  • Share an inspirational or success story. Has hiring you or using your product resulted in a success or inspirational story? Readers love a feel good story about people going the extra mile or overcoming adversity.
  • Upcoming event and past event. Hosting an event or a class of some kind is good for two press releases (that’s what I call a “two-fer.” Let people know about your upcoming event with an informational release about the benefits of attending and then follow up after the event with another release about how successful your event was.
  • Share industry information. Stats and survey results can make for interesting press release material. Whether the survey was specific to your customers and users or speaks to a larger audience, outline why the survey was conducted, what insights were learned and how they can apply to changes in the industry.

When writing your press release, be sure to include all your contact information at the end. Online press releases may live on in the archives forever, and you never know when someone might stumble across what you have posted. Make it easy for them to contact you regardless of when they read the post. 

So, what’s your next step?

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