How do you increase revenue when sales are slow?

April 25th, 2017 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “How do you increase revenue when sales are slow?”

Every business experiences lulls in sales. It could be seasonal or just an unexpected slow time.

No matter the reason, looking at your slow times as an opportunity can help you find new clients or maximize existing relationships.

Here are three ways to keep the cash flowing when business slows down:

1.     Ramp up lower budget marketing – Promote and reconnect with your mailing list and give your email newsletter a makeover. Create discounts just for your mailing list or social media followers.

2.     Host an event or pop-up sale – If you have a physical location, an event or pop-up sale is a great way to bring traffic into the store. But online retailers and service providers can have events too. An educational webinar with an attendee only discount can also be an attractive way to create new relationships.

3.     Create content – take a look at the FAQs you get during your busy time and create content around those items. A series of blog posts, videos or infographics that you create during a lull can help make your life easier when you’re super busy.

Don’t let lulls get you down. Taking steps to prepare ahead of time—and taking the opportunity during a lull to invest time into your business—may help you generate revenue even during slow seasons.

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