Have you ever asked a question on Yelp?

April 28th, 2017 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “Have you ever asked a question on Yelp?”

Earlier this year, Yelp released a new Question and Answers section tied to a specific business.

For example, you can now visit a specific restaurant Yelp page and ask the community if the restaurant allows dogs, has average prices, etc. By using this section, you can get answers from other users or from the business owners themselves. Users can up-vote or down-vote the answers based on how helpful they are and can sign up for notifications whenever a specific question gets answered.

Why this matters…

Product Manager Brian Boshes described this as “great, Yelp-y content” that can help people find the information that’s important to them (which might be mentioned in some reviews, but could be tough to find). He also noted that this is a “potentially limitless way” for someone who’s a supporter or fan of a business to stay engaged with their Yelp page — they can’t keep posting reviews, but they can keep answering questions.

As a business owner, this feature can help you identify key information that is missing from your website or other social media profiles.

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