Destroy the typical FAQ with Video Answers

August 18th, 2017 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “Destroy the typical FAQ with Video Answers”

Did you know that most first-time callers to your business initially went to your website to find answers to their customer service-related questions? We live in a visual world. You may have a page of FAQs on your website, but is that enough for everybody? Many people need to “see” it to understand it. Why not put your answers on video?

Make quick, two-to-three-minute videos explaining the answers to the most asked questions. Start the video with something like: “Many people have asked us recently: how does…?” By starting with the simple question, you’ll know what to show specifically in your video.

Your call volume may go down and website visits may go up. The good news is customers are finding the answers they need, in a format they can easily consume.

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