Elevate your team into the stratosphere; it’s time to power up!

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Get more from your team by shaking up the normal routine in these positive and impactful ways:
• Compliment Day: Employees will be more receptive to criticism if they also receive positive reinforcement. However, compliments can be instantly forgotten when followed by criticism, so make one day a week criticism-free. Don’t worry, your team already knows what isn’t great. Reserving one day a week for only positive words will not destroy their work ethic or create a giant ego. You will find your employees work harder when they know they are appreciated.
• Emotional Incentives: Do all of your employees value the same things? Chances are they don’t. That also means monetary incentives do not hold equal weight with all employees. Take the time to figure out what motivates your employees and create incentives that excite them. A $1,000 bonus and a three-day spa retreat cost about the same, but you may find that one suits a certain employee more than the other. If your budget is tight, learn what’s truly important to them. Not everything’s about money.
• Change It Up: We come to the same place to do the same work every day, and then are often asked to brainstorm to help solve problems or innovate in some way. You can get fresh new answers by changing up the scenery. For example, tell people to bring their walking shoes to the meeting and take them on a scenic walk. When immersed in new sounds, new smells, and new things to look at, it is easier to come up with new ideas and to see the old problems with a new perspective.
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