Does your Mobile Website have these 5 Key Items?

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By 2017, it is expected that 64% of users worldwide will access content via their mobile devices instead of personal computers.

This change in access is necessitating a “mobile first” attitude when creating or editing your website. When you are reviewing your site on a mobile device, be sure to check for the following items:

1.     Fast load time – improperly sized images often cause a delay in loading. Watch this short video for a tutorial on how to resize your images for use on the web.

 2.     No pop-ups or flash – pop-ups can be difficult to close on a small screen. Try to avoid using anything that would cause the user to be unable to view your main content.
3.     Easy to find information – the most important and relevant information should be easy to find
4.     Prominent calls to action – whether you want someone to buy now, or sign up to your e-newsletter, calls-to-action should be easy to spot, click on and complete.
5.     Design for the fat finger – reduce accidental clicks by making links and buttons obvious. There is nothing more frustrating than accidentally clicking on a link or button that you had no intention of clicking on.
A little effort and planning can go a long way when you take advantage of the mobile web. Think Mobile First to gain a clear advantage over those who are not quite as swift.
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