Common email errors; making stupid mistakes can hurt you

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A typo in an email to a friend can make them and us chuckle, but for businesses, the same typo can damage your credibility. Some email errors can even make subscribers feel devalued by brands, potentially leading to social shaming and decreased loyalty, or loss of business completely. Here are some of the most common email errors:

1. Content errors:  These are simple typos that can occur in the body of the email or the subject line. Those in the body may go unnoticed, but typos in subject lines are likely to cost businesses at least a few email opens. They will also cause your more grammatically correct clients to roll their eyes!

2. Dated information: This refers to promotions for sales that have already ended or events that have already happened. Subscribers will be stumped by the call-to-action and aggravated that they wasted time reading the email. This mistake results in an instant loss of credibility.

3. Irrelevant offers: Even if offers are valid, they are still likely to confuse contacts if they are irrelevant to them. Take, for instance, notifications about events coming up in the local Dallas store sent to customers in Chicago.

4. Broken links: These mistakes are pretty straightforward; links can either take contacts to the wrong page, or take them to no page at all. This issue can cost brands serious bucks if the contacts clicking on those bad links were originally intending on making a purchase.

5. Invalid personalization: Including a person’s name in the email greeting can impress contacts, but when emails show up saying “Dear First Name,” or “Dear […],” the intended effect is reversed.

The easiest way to avoid sending an email with the above issues is to test, test, test! Send test emails internally before sending out a campaign; others may likely spot typos that the creator overlooked.

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