Are you aware of these new SEO trends?

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Have you noticed that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices change more often than coffee filters?

Here’s what you need to know about recent SEO tendencies:

  • When identifying keywords, start with the most commonly used terms. Next you want to come up with as many variations as possible and use these in context on your website pages and blog posts.
  • Link your articles or blog posts to main pages of your website and other relevant blog articles on your site.
  • Think mobile first. Mobile is the preferred device for younger generations, but it is not just the under 20 somethings. Google tells us more searches take place on mobile devices than desktop computers. Make sure your content is mobile optimized.
  • Think local. Make sure your business profile is current with Google My Business to optimize your local traffic. Make sure you include location based keywords in your content.
  • Much of a site’s success has to do with appearance and usability. Search engines use bounce rates to help determine the relevance of search terms. If visitors come to your site but quickly navigate away because they do not trust or cannot find the information they are seeking, your site will suffer the consequences.

If you need help deciphering what this means to your business and website, let us know. We can review your website for some of the most common SEO oversights and help you come up with a plan to fix them.

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