5 types of visual content

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Visual content is becoming more and more popular because of its ability to quickly communicate a concept; images are more shareable than text. Here are five types of visual content that resonate best with customers and prospects.<br />
<strong>Comics</strong> – can be a fun way to talk about a complex problem. Comics can be a great ice breaker to talk about bigger issues. A comic that identifies a problem can be an engaging way to introduce a whitepaper or a new solution.<br />
<strong>Memes</strong> – are phrases or sayings that are tied to an image. This can be used in a humorous manner, or can be more serious with a customer testimonial and image. Memes can be used as invitations, to share facts, to poke fun or to help customers digest small bits of information.<br />
<strong>Infographics</strong> – are a great way to summarize an issue or findings. Whether its survey results or showing two sides of an argument, a well-crafted infographic can help the reader understand the issues at hand and the possible solutions. We’re working right now on an infographic that is a key part of a non-profit’s fundraising campaign.<br />
<strong>Photos</strong> – are an often overlooked marketing tool. Cameras are ubiquitous. Almost everyone has one in their purse or back pocket. Don’t just throw event photos up on Flickr or Facebook. Take one of your event/meeting photos and use that to convey or promote your message.<br />
<strong>Videos</strong> – can be a challenge for a lot of companies. Often the cost to produce can be prohibitive for a small business, however, video is one of the most widely consumed forms of content on the internet. People will often rather watch a 30 second video than read a page of content. A video does not have to be a professionally produced piece of art. Segments of a webinar or a short video taken with a HD phone camera will often convey the message you need in a short amount of time.<br />
Marketers who are leveraging visual content are seeing significant increases in their blog traffic, social media engagement, visitor-to-lead conversion rates and inbound customer acquisition results.

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